SnowCoach on Mt. Washington

 1st SnowCoach 2012 020
 Winter on Mount Washington…aboard the SnowCoach!

 This one of a kind experience will take you on an unforgettable tour above
 tree line on Mount Washington.   
The views are breathtaking, the experience memorable.

$10.00 off SnowCoach Tour...but only if you stay with us at the Riverside Inn. 
(Voucher not to be combined with any other offer)

~ Gluten Free breakfast to start your day! ~ 
Ken prepares the best Waffles you'll ever taste. 
Wonderful Pancakes, Quiche and Eggs Benedict too! 
 Oh..but wait till you try his English muffins...yummy!  
Breakfast is different each day so be sure to stay for 2 or 
more nights so that you can enjoy it all!


Great Glen Trails



The Riverside Inn has partnered with Great Glen Trails for the 
best deal on Cross Country Skiing and 
Snowshoeing for this Winter Season.

Start your day with Ken's wonderful gluten free breakfast.  

FREE ~ Trail Pass for Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
FREE ~ unlimited use of the Tubing Hill

Discounted Learn ~ To-Ski-Lesson: $30 with rentals, $20 without rentals.

Valid 7 days a week.

Come stay with us and ski for FREE!